Young Adults/Students

Student MasterCard

Start building a credit rating - before you enter the workforce! North Winnipeg Credit Union Student MasterCard® is the perfect "starter" card for post-secondary students over the age of 18. With no annual fee, you'll see the convenience and security this card offers, as you build your financial future.


  • MasterPurchase®
  • Optional Balance Protection Insurance
  • World-wide global acceptance serving consumers in 210 countries and territories
  • World's largest ATM network
  • 24-hour lost/stolen card assistance
  • Emergency cards and emergency cash

Line of Credit

School is expensive! Tuition, books, living expenses, and socializing too. It all adds up!

North Winnipeg Credit Union is here to help. A line of credit provides a low-cost alternative to credit card borrowing and is a breeze to set up compared to a loan from the government. With a line of credit from North Winnipeg Credit Union, pay only minimum interest on a great rate and no administration fees. It is established with your chequing account, and allows you to overdraw your chequing account up to your authorized limit. Interest is charged only on the amount utilized for the number of days outstanding. You will always have funds when you need them!


Do you need a car to get to school but don’t have the cash? Too broke to go on a spring break vacation with your friends? Don’t delay it, talk to North Winnipeg Credit Union about a loan. Great rates are waiting for you!

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