Interac e-Transfer® is a convenient, secure way to send and receive money directly from one bank account to another.

You can send funds to anyone, anytime, to any bank account in Canada. All you need is the recipients' email address or mobile phone number.


  • Notifications can be received via text, email, or both so know you get your money right away.
  • Easy, secure method to transfer funds electronically from any online or mobile banking device.
  • Transfers are sent with a required password only the recipient will know the answer to.
  • Funds are transferred between financial institutions using established and secure banking procedures.
  • No personal or financial information is exchanged between the sender and receiver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is an Interac e-Transfer®?

It is an easy, secure, quick and convenient way to send or receive money. Recipients are notified by email and or text message and must login to their online banking to accept the transfer.

Who can use Interac e-Transfer®?

Any individual or small business owner with an account at a Canadian financial institution that offers the service can initiate an e-Transfer, while anyone with an account at a Canadian financial institution can receive one.

Is it safe to transfer money by email or text message?

There is no money attached to emails or text messages. Instead, financial institutions use standard practices for safe money transfers.

Is there a charge for sending Interac e-Transfers®?

Yes, the cost depends on the particular account you have with North Winnipeg Credit Union. Please see here for further details.

Are there limits for how much can be sent or received?

Yes, the limits are as follows:

Maximum sending limit:

  1. Per transaction - $3,000
  2. Daily limit - $10,000
  3. 7 day rolling - $10,000
  4. 30 day rolling - $20,000

Maximum receiving limit:

  1. Per transaction - $10,000
  2. Daily limit - $10,000
  3. 7 day rolling - $70,000
  4. 30 day rolling - $300,000

 Is there a fee to cancel an Interac e-Transfer®?

There are no cancellation fees, however the sending fee is non-refundable. If you cancel an e-Transfer, your account will be credited with the $$ amount of the transfer minus the sending fee.

Is there a fee to receive an Interac e-Transfer®?

There are no fees to receive an e-Transfer.

Why do text messages come from 100001?

This is the short code from which all Interac e-Transfer® text notifications are sent.

Can I send an Interac e-Transfer® to anyone?

No. In order to send or receive an Interac e-Transfer®, both sender and recipient must have accounts at Canadian financial institutions. The transfer must also be in Canadian dollars. The recipient must also have an account with a Canadian Financial Institution that has the Interac e-Transfer® function.

Can I send an Interac e-Transfer® to a landline?

No. A mobile phone number or an email address are the only ways that an Interac e-Transfer® can be sent and completed.

How long does it take to receive the money?

A recipient will receive the notification approximately 30 minutes after the sender initiates the transfer. As soon as the notification is received the recipient can deposit the money.  As a sender, the money is debited from your account immediately after finalizing the transaction.

What happens if I use an incorrect mobile phone number?

The notification will be sent to that phone number. However, that person will not be able to deposit the transfer because they won’t know the answer to the security question.  Recipients must correctly answer a security question before they can deposit the money.

Can I cancel an Interac e-Transfer®?

You can cancel the transfer anytime until the recipient accepts it. Generally it takes 30 minutes for the notification to be sent to the recipient. To cancel a transfer, click on the “Cancel” link beside the list of pending transfers.

If a transfer hasn’t been accepted within 30 days, it will automatically expire and the sender will be notified. The sender can either click on the “Cancel” link beside the list of pending transfers or let Interac cancel the transaction. Money will be returned to the sender within seven days of cancelling the transaction. However, fees charged at the time of sending the transfer are not reimbursable.

You can also send reminders to recipients who have yet to accept transfers by clicking on the “Resend Notice” link beside the list of pending transfers.

What happens if the recipient rejects the transfer?

In that case, you will be notified and prompted to login to your online banking to cancel the pending transfer.

What is Autodeposit?

Autodeposit allows a recipient to register their email address with Interac to receive funds directly into an assigned account without answering the usual security question. When sending an Interac e-Transfer® the sender is made aware in online banking that the recipient is registered for Autodeposit. Transfers sent to the Autodeposit registered email address will be automatically deposited into the assigned account.

What is the security answer and question for?

The security question and answer is used to validate the recipient of the money transferred using Interac e-Transfer®. Recipients who have registered their email address for Autodeposit will not need to answer the security question before the transfer is deposited into their account. Members will need to set up the security question and answer for their recipients even if they have registered for Autodeposit. Senders are made aware whether their recipient is registered for Autodeposit only in the Send Money feature.

What if the recipient doesn’t know the answer to the security question or enters the wrong answer multiple times?

If the recipient doesn’t know the answer, they should contact the sender. If the recipient answers the security question incorrectly more than 3 times, the transfer will automatically cancel and the sender will need to reclaim the funds.

How do I know the Interac e-Transfer® notification received is real?

You should always be careful prior to clinking on any links within a notification. You should only action on e-mail notifications when you were expecting someone to send you money. If you suspect a notification may be fraudulent, forward the notification to phishing@interac.ca.

I registered for Autodeposit but still receive Interac e-Transfer® transactions that require me to manually deposit transfers by answering a Security Question and Answer. Why?

Not all financial institutions have the ability to send funds to registered recipients who have the Autodeposit feature turned on.

I don’t want to use Interac e-Transfers®. Can I have it removed from my online banking options?

No, the Interac e-Transfer® option cannot be removed from your menu. However, you can contact North Winnipeg Credit Union and have the function set up so that no dollar amount is able to be e-Transferred from your account.

What is request money?

Request Money allows an individual or business to have their recipient send them money via their online banking account. Money can be requested by sending an email or SMS to any individual or business in Canada. When the request is accepted and money transferred, the requestor is provided a notification once the funds are deposited into the account selected as part of the original request.

Our Credit Union logo is not found on the Request Money gateway page. Why is that?

Due to Interac’s constraint at displaying all financial institution’s logos, credit unions that offer Request Money can be found in the province or territory drop down list.

Can these money requests be used by fraudsters for phishing?

Notifications from Interac via SMS or email for Send or Request Money transfers could be utilized for phishing purposes. Since phishing is generally used to gather online banking credentials, we strongly recommend that you only respond to Interac notifications from senders you know. Interac does provide the legal names of individuals and businesses for Request Money transfers in their notifications which can help you determine if the notification is legitimate.

Are there limits for requesting money using Interac e-Transfer®?

The amount indicated in a request cannot exceed the transaction limits explained in a previous question dealing with transaction limits.

Who pays the Request Money Fee?

Whoever initiates the request will pay the fee.

Can invoices be attached while requesting money?

At this time you are not able to attach an invoice while requesting money. You can include an invoice number and date in the comments section within the request.

How long are outstanding requests valid?

Money Requests are valid for 30 days from the date they are requested. However, the expiry date can be extended another 30 days if the member re-notifies the recipient of the outstanding request before it expires.

Will I be notified once the request has been fulfilled?

Yes, once the request for money has been fulfilled and the funds deposited, you will receive a notification that the funds are available in your account.

How do I fulfill an Interac request for money?

You need to click on the link that appears in the notification to login to your online banking account. Then you can fulfill the request by choosing the account for the funds to be withdrawn from. The requestor will receive a notification from Interac e-Transfer® once the funds are deposited into their account.

Can I decline a request?

Yes, you can select the decline option within the notification or on Interac’s page showing details of the request.  If you provide a reason for the request, the information will be conveyed to the requestor.

Can I block a requestor from requesting funds from me or opt out of the Request Money feature?

Yes, you can opt out of receiving requests from a particular requestor or from the service completely by selecting the opt-out option from the request notification email.

I tried sending an Interac e-Transfer® notification to a mobile phone number, but received an e-mail and/or text message saying it didn’t go through. Why?

You should always check to make sure you entered the correct mobile phone number when setting up the recipient and review this number when sending or requesting money. A notification may not be delivered to the recipient if the:

  • Phone number entered is a land line
  • Phone number entered is a non-Canadian mobile phone number
  • Recipient has blocked Interac e-Transfers® notifications being sent to their mobile phone number
  • Recipient is encountering technical issues with their mobile phone and therefore the message cannot be delivered for technical reasons.
  • Mobile Network Operator does not support all text messages.

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