Enhanced Online Security

In addition to encryption, firewalls and a secure server system, our online banking system provides added protections with one other feature – Personal Verification Questions (PVQs).

Personal Verification Questions (PVQs)

One feature of the enhanced security will be Personal Verification Questions (PVQs). When you log into North Winnipeg Credit Union Online banking you will be asked to set up personal questions that will be asked each time you log in with your password. You will not be able to sign into North Winnipeg Credit Union Online banking without setting up your PVQs. This feature validates that the person using the Online Banking is the account owner and makes it harder to an online thief to gain access to your account.

You will be asked to choose from a list of security questions and answers. Be sure to pick questions with answers that are not easy to guess. Use ones that only you know. If you have a joint account, the questions and answers for both users must coincide.


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